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Run for 6 weeks/Please contact me for dates and times. $360.-

Teen Art Class   ~   In this class we will be exploring and learning different ways of seeing and creating. Through the study of various artists, students will be exposed to different perspectives in order to ignite their own creativity. No previous experience necessary. Materials list below.

Traditional Painting Class  (teen to adult)   ~   In this class we will explore techniques of oil painting. To begin, the class will cover the fundamentals of drawing and move into painting during the second or third class. Although we will study the principles of art such as composition, line, color, contrast and texture, the focus will be on extracting each students creative vision on a specific subject thereby creating a work that is an honest expression uniquely their own. Students receive a lot of one-on-one attention as the classes are small. Students are encouraged to bring their ideas of subject matter to class (landscape, portrait, still-life, abstraction). No previous experience necessary. Materials listed below.

Process Painting Classes  (children age 7 and up, teen to adult)   ~   Process painting is a vehicle to tap into your intuition, and strengthen your ability to recognize and utilize it.   This class is NOT about painting aesthetics or technique! It is about visual journaling and uncovering mysteries and worlds you never knew existed within.  The paintings are never critiqued or compared –– instead it is a personal journey in unlocking your innate creative wisdom. // Due to circumstance and conditioning most of us have lost our spontaneity in expression.  Our urge to invent and express is dormant or gone. When we become present to what is inside, there is an incredible release in allowing feelings to move through us opposed to becoming stuck and crystallized in our bodies.  The deeper we go into expression, the happier we become, eventually leading to a deep trust in ourselves and a sturdier sense of self.  As our intuitive muscle strengthens, life becomes easier to navigate. //Topics typically uncovered may be:  your body, your emotions, your identity, your curiosities, relationships, inspiration, illness, life and death, love and loss, mystery, and many more! Uncovering the truth, and mysterious universe inside leaves us refreshed, curious and more confident. No materials necessary.

Children’s Art Class  (5 - 8 years)   ~   This class will explore using many types of materials from paint to cardboard.  We will work individually and collectively focusing on the joy of creating and not the end result. There will be a lot of freedom in using the materials to encourage curiosity and self-expression.

ArtEmotionImpact (teen to adult)   ~   Artistic creation is a potentially rich form of expression, exploring deep passions, discomforts, and curiosities. This class will empower students to turn their concerns about what matters to them most into art with an impact. Each student will work from subject matter that moves them personally--be it highly personal, political, or somewhere in between -- to express their heart in its most true form.  The environment, sexuality, the beauty of a garden or well-being of a pet--the list is endless and there is no right or wrong subject.   No experience necessary. Creations may be beautiful, disturbing, contemplative, or mysterious.  

Private Lessons (all ages)  ~  I am happy to work one-on-one to specifically tailor a class just for you!  Please contact me to discuss.

Materials ~ There are MANY options of art supplies out there and it can feel overwhelming. The cost can be anywhere from $35 and up. Please call me if you have any questions or concerns about brands or cost. You should not feel inhibited by the amount of materials needed, many artists paint with 3 tubes of paint and one or two brushes on “found” surfaces. I am open to saving money and using what you have! Listed are suggestions for materials for an oil painter. If easier, you can buy “Starter Sets” of paints and brushes. If using acrylics or water-based oils follow the suggestions eliminating the turpenoid and brush cleaner tank. Places to shop locally: Jerry’s Artarama, Rt 1 in Princeton / Online: https://www.jerrysartarama.com/ OR https://www.dickblick.com/

Oil Paints - Titanium White, Ivory Black, Crimson Alizarin, Cadmium Red, Yellow Ochre, Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Cerulean Blue, Burnt Sienna, and Burnt Umber. Canvases - two or three 11x14 or larger. Brushes - Flat 6, Bright 4, Bright 12, and Round 6, Turpenoid, Silicoil Brush Cleaner Tank

Please fill out this registration form (for yourself and/or child) and submit a check before the first day of class - thank you!   Any questions, please feel free to contact me: furstluna@gmail.com or 609-865-8896.

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Name of student
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