I often contemplate the gap between the human's experience and power, compared to other living organisms.  The human's brilliance and creativity often seems out-of-sync with our raw dependence upon nature.  I would like to think that the earth depends upon us, as we depend upon her and that if we are still enough in our inner landscape we will understand this message and unlock a sort of, divine code, that we are meant to retrieve while here. 

About me
I was born in 1963 in Allentown, PA.  The youngest in a family of five children just at the tail-end of the Baby-Boomer generation.  I grew up on a vast horse farm. Our old 18c stone house was originally an inn for the property when it was a ski resort. Everyday I wandered out into the woods, fields, rivers and dilapidated ski cabins with my dog.  It was a lush, colorful exploration that filled me with endless curiosity of the natural living world.  I did not return home until my mother rang an enormous bell which meant supper was ready.   While home I observed my older siblings with great fascination as they argued and debated.  The assassinations of the great MLK and JFK, draft fear of the Vietnam War, losing rock icons, Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison, the sexual revolution all infiltrated our seemingly peaceful home.  During dinner, my parents discussed their personal matters in a made-up language daddy learned in college that none of us could understand.  Unable to relate, I often slid out of my chair to join my dog under the table to return to the imaginary world we created outside.  This was the beginning of my love of expressing myself through movement and art, as I felt invisible to my family, yet yearned for connection with something meaningful.  

At the age of nine, we moved to Princeton NJ, where I became passionate about dance, studying ballet at the American Repertory Ballet Company, Princeton , NJ -- this lasted for 10 years.  As a result of this intensive study I have continued to be connected with dance, combining my art (see Installations) and participating in 5Rhythms (Gabrielle Roth, 1978) and other movement practices internationally known.

I earned a BFA from University of Michigan.  I've exhibited in a variety of venues including Princeton University, Dept of Gender and Women's Studies, Art Times Two (the gallery at Princeton Brain and Spine Institute), The Arts Council of Princeton, and SmallWorld, Princeton.  In addition to oil painting, I have art directed and designed for all sorts of people and their ventures.

Upon graduating college, I worked for designer, Rudolph de Harak in NY.   Years later I created my own design firm -- acquiring a variety of clients from Bristol Myers Squibb, Johnson and Johnson, NT Callaway Real Estate to McCarter Theater in Princeton.  In 1992 I became the art director for Wine&Spirits magazine working with an array of artists, photographers, stylists and writers. This lasted until the birth of my first child in 1995. 

Over the next 16 years, I continued working as a freelance designer while simultaneously raising three children.  In 2001, I began studying oil painting with Gregory Perkel. This was the beginning of a very intensive study which lasted 11 years.

Today I continue to paint, sculpt, dance, design and teach.

I live and work in Lambertville, NJ with my three children, beloved dog and cat. 


1986 - Bachelor of Fine Arts, summa cum laude, University of Michigan Ann Arbor


Solo Exhibitions

November 2017 - "Ritual" Soul Motion/Michael Molin-Skelton, Philadelphia, PA

September 2017 - "Tribe" Open Floor/Jenny Macke, Philadelphia, PA

August 2017 - "Integrating Lower and Higher Self" Azul/, Amara PaganoPlainfield, MA

March 2017 - "24 Gratitudes" Movement Medicine/Ya'Cov Darling Kahn, Philadelphia, PA

January 2017 - "Power of Intention" 5Rhythms/Adam Barley, Philadelphia, PA

September 2016 - "Six Doorways to Love" Azul/Amara Pagano, Plainfield, MA

February 2016 - "Explore, Express, Expand" 5Rhythms, Philadelphia, PA

November 2015 - "Begin Again" SoulMotion/Michael Molin-Skelton, Philadelphia, PA

November 2015 - "Nature's Bride" Gallery at the Bank of Princeton, Lambertville, NJ

November 2015 - "Her Wings" SmallWorld, Princeton, NJ

September 2015 - "Living Fully, Loving Deeply" 5Rhythms/Amara Pagano, Philadelphia, PA

May 2015, "Open" 5Rhythms/Adam Barley, Philadelphia, PA

March 2015 - "Home" 5Rhythms/Kate Sheila, Philadelphia, PA

October 2014 - "Cycles" 5Rhythms/Jonathon Horan, Philadelphia, PA

Oct/Nov 2013 - "Night Garden"  DIG Yoga, Lambertville, NJ

Sept 2012 - "Portraits"  Small World, Princeton NJ

Spring 2012 - "Birth Memory Cycle"  Artist’s Apiary, Camillo’s, Princeton, NJ

Spring 2011 - "Twelve Women"  Dept of Gender and Sexuality, Princeton University

Winter 2011 - "Veiled Existence" Artist’s Apiary, Camillo’s, Princeton, NJ

May 2008 - Moynihan Gallery, Bronxville, NY 


Group Exhibitions

September 2015 -  "Naked in New Hope", Sidetracks Gallery, New Hope, PA

October 2014 - "Into the Mystic" PebbleHill Gallery, Doylestown, PA

October 2013 - "Art of Darkness" second place winner ARTWOKS, Trenton NJ

August 2009 - Slusser Gallery, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 

July 2009 - "The World As We See It"  Arts Council of Princeton , Princeton, NJ 

June 2008 - "Me in the Other Eye"  Arts Council of Princeton, Princeton, NJ 

June 2007 - "Apostles 13"   Arts Council of Princeton, Princeton, NJ 

June 2006 - "Study of the Head"  Arts Council of Princeton, Princeton, NJ