Springpoint Senior Living

Stonebridge at Montgomery, Skillman NJ

Monroe Village, Monroe Township, NJ


Teaching the elderly has taught me more about painting than I would have expected.  Consciously and subconsciously, painting (creating) has a way of allowing one to open up, evolve, take risks, persevere and become passionate, even if the painter didn’t have those intentions. It uncovers our fears and negative tendencies, which we can then tackle visually and breathe into. Every time we begin a new painting those struggles creep in and eventually, with time, we subdue their force.

    One of my groups of six students has met every Wednesday for the last five years. I have seen their creations loosen, become bolder, more sensitive, and more intelligent.  I have observed more positive outlooks, more relaxed states and healthier lifestyles. This activity is healing on an emotional and physical level.  Rosalie, my oldest student, in her late 90’s claims that “all her aches and pains disappear” when she’s creating –– she is also my most prolific student.

    Through their devotion to their work, they are more confident in and out of class and are holding exhibitions as well.  It is an absolute pleasure to see their work framed and on the wall.  I watch the familiar process of them gazing at their creation, and with utter disbelief, thinking, “Did I really paint that beautiful painting?!”  It is a remarkable dosage of inner affirmation and their whole self beams. 

    How privileged I am to witness and encourage this beautiful journey.